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Presentation Skills Workshops and Training 

Below is a selection of some of the workshops Kate has delivered on this topic. In practice, training sessions are usually adapted or customized according to the specific needs of every client.  

The first step is always a conversation: please contact Kate for a friendly and confidential discussion of your needs.


Basic Presentation Skills

This is a short session covering key recommendations for vocal and physical technique in the classroom or the boardroom, as well as recommendations for audience interaction and question asking & answering.

Participants: 20                        Time: 60-90 mins 


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Presentation Skills for Presenters/Lecturers:

a ‘makeover’ workshop

A full day session involving a calm, friendly approach whereby participants are encouraged to explore and enhance their skills without being made to feel 'put on the spot'. Opportunities for exchange, discussion and practical application are provided throughout the day, and participants are filmed several times: they leave with a DVD of their own presentation style, feedback and improvements. 

Elements include:

  • An exploration of 'stage fright' – nerves, and how these can affect you
  • Breath – physiology & exercises
  • Voice – specific techniques and approaches; covers voice quality, pitch, speed
  • Body – points on posture, body language, eye contact and stamina
  • Use of visual aids
  • Space use – room configuration and placement
  • Audience interaction
  • Constructive notes & individualized feedback
  • Practice

Participants: 5                          Time: 6 hours


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Advanced Presentation Skills:

a 'polishing' course for experienced lecturers/presenters

This session is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual who enrolls.  It's an opportunity to develop, polish and refine some of the techniques that they have found to be effective, and to work on any remaining glitches that they may still have in their presentation styles. Needs and requirements are established ahead of the session, using a detailed questionnaire.  Options include structuring a presentation, trying out new techniques, audience interaction & control, and dealing with difficult questions.

Participants: 2 or 3                  Time: 3 hours


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Voice Preparation & Vocal Technique for Teachers & Presenters

This workshop session includes tips on preparing your voice for extended use in the classroom, and techniques for maximizing the way you employ your breath, intonation, and phrasing, in order to enhance the students' comprehension and learning.  Participants are welcome to bring any specific voice-related problems and questions: these will be addressed during the session.  This is a participatory session: please come dressed in comfortable clothes, and be prepared to use your voice!

Participants: 5-6                       Time: 3 hrs


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Other sessions:

Preparing for a specific presentation 

Dealing with nerves and stage fright

Putting a presentation together

Using PowerPoint, Prezi, and other presentation tools