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Kate Bligh Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Workshops and Training

Below is a selection of some of the workshops Kate has delivered on this topic. In practice, training sessions are usually adapted or customized according to the specific needs of every client.  

The first step is always a conversation: please contact Kate for a friendly and confidential discussion of your needs.


Body Language for Interviews

This interactive session addresses some key aspects of body language in relation to both interviewee and interviewer. It includes role-playing (with volunteers) and recommendations for simple ways in which one may communicate a calm, collected and open attitude, in a non-verbal manner, in the context of an interview.

Participants: 20                                    Time: 60-90 mins


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Providing Constructive Feedback

This workshop is aimed at enhancing your experience of giving, and receiving, feedback in the workplace; and at increasing its effectiveness. Topics include communicating information that may be hard to receive, and active listening. This session is intended to provide participants with a constructive, straightforward, practical and liberating approach to enhancing their feedback skills.  On request, there can be a particular focus on specific topics such as dealing with disputes, or interactions between the genders, or people of different cultural backgrounds. 

Participants: 15                                    Time: 3 hours


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Communicating With Ease

This friendly and entertaining workshop is aimed at providing practical information and advice on how to behave appropriately in professional environments such as offices, meetings and interviews.  Topics include body language, eye contact, conversation, and meeting ‘etiquette’, and also, dealing with stress.  Attention is given to interactions between people of different genders, cultural backgrounds and positions (within the hierarchy of their organisation).  The workshop is interactive, with participants learning exercises and techniques that they may continue to develop afterwards. 

Participants: 15                                    Time: 3 hours


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Providing and Receiving Timely & Effective Feedback 

This session provides suggestions, readings, and the opportunity to share experience and difficulties regarding feedback with peers.  The workshop also includes discussion of the psychological impact of criticism, and guidance as to when and how to use praise and honesty to further enable learners in their development of understanding, skills, and self-awareness.  It concludes with an interactive group investigation of specific points raised by the participants in a pre-questionnaire.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The psychological impact of negative and positive criticism
  • Creating the right context
  • Speaking constructively
  • Choosing – or creating – the time when feedback will be most effective
  • Individual feedback
  • Group feedback
  • Written feedback

Participants: 8 -14                   Time: 3 hours


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Social Status Behaviour

Body language and 'soft skills' impact on leadership, assertiveness and team participation. 

Status-related body language is a reflection of control and awareness – of oneself, and of others.  Executives and managers exercise a great degree of control during interactions with others; employees will often yield control to their superiors during hierarchical encounters, such as briefings and meetings.  As a consequence, they have less command over themselves, including of their cognitive and emotional functions, at such times.  This session, involving demonstrations by actors and role-playing exercises, aims to heighten the understanding of participants of the choices they can make in their body language or the behaviour during unequal social status interactions, and of the effect that such choices may have on the overall quality of communication, understanding and ease within any social group.

Participants: 15                        Time: 1-2 hours


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Other workshop topics include:

Sharing expectations:
Establishing standards of behaviour in the group and within specific workplace environments with groups of culturally diverse people.

Theatre games for non-actors:
Role-play and group bonding activities aimed at reducing inhibitions and increasing access to creativity and spontaneity.

Team Retreats:
A day of communication, team-building games, reflection and renewal designed around particular workplace needs.

Women and Embodied Leadership:
The ‘gendering’ that many cultures imposes on girls and young women can lead them to signal submission and ‘no threat’ as adults. When adult women assume positions of leadership, management, and responsibility, they may still be unconsciously signaling submissiveness across a surprising array of behaviours. Such behaviour can be a source of confusion for them, and for the people they lead or manage. This workshop examines a spectrum of gendered body language and interactions, and suggests enabling, empowering adjustments to the ‘use of self’ for women who wish to be taken seriously. 

These sessions, and sessions on the topics of your choice, can be custom-designed for particular groups, and focused on their specific needs.


Many other training and information sessions are available upon request: just ask!