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Kate Bligh Coaching


Individual Coaching – a focus on your needs

Coaching sessions are planned and scheduled according to your individual needs, following detailed ‘intake’ and ‘proposal’ consultations.  Most often, they take place in a series of 6 – 10 sessions, although sometimes one session may be enough to prepare you for a specific event, speech, or interview. Whatever your skill level (whether you wish to address specific and recurring problems, or simply to refine and polish an existing set of accomplished skills) individual sessions can often be the most effective approach to further training in presentation and communications skills. 


If you contact Kate to discuss your coaching needs, these are the points that the initial conversations may include:


What are the problems that you want to fix?

What is at stake here?

What is your present experience level, or skill set?

How many people are invested in the outcome?

What is your deadline?

What resources – space, technology, time – are available for this?

What is your budget?

What might be your fears, concerns, or misgivings around being coached for this topic?

How would you like things to be after this training has taken place?